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for those who joined us late(aka. the story so far)
The story of Grimbarwith goes back for over a thousand years, with the fall of the Lemurian Empire. The campaign’s main character is a Northman sailor from our world who ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Rothgar, son of Ragnos, hails from the lands around Norway. His adventures begin in the Carribean Sea, in the Year of our Lord, 1701 AD. On a dark and foggy night in Port Royal, Rothgar was wisked away to an unknown land where creature of the night ruled.(Ravenloft)
After a harrowing adventure in these haunted lands, the Mists once again carried him away to the world of Terra Secundus. (the setting for the Grimbarwith campaign) He appears from the Mists in the war-torn port town of Shadowscape. The town is under attack from a Githyanki army! The powerful Githyanki easily overrun the defenders and have started combing the town for survivors. Rothgar is getting his bearings when the fog lifts. He is in the middle of a ruined street covered with the bodies of human soldiers. Several buildings are on fire. As he takes the scene in, a band of Githyanki scouts round the corner. The scout party contain a Warlock, a Sarth(Sergeant) and four Elite troopers. Spotting Rothgar, they charge. Rothgar is armed only with a short sword he discovered in Ravenloft. Even so armed, he makes short work of the Githyanki, with the help from a band of marines from the ship “Pheonix Rising”. The ship’s First Officer, a Bard named Ian McLarren, leads the four marines.
The Warlock, seeing the ease with which Rothgar had disposed of his patrol and the arrival of the marine squad from the “Pheonix Rising”, fled deeper into the streets. Rothgar pursues and he is in turn followed by the men from the “Pheonix Rising”. They chase the Warlock through several blocks. Suddenly they face a Githyanki Knight mounted upon a juvenile Red Dragon. The Warlock stands beneath the dragon with a smug smile on his face.
Rothgar continues to charge forward(he has never faced a dragon before) and slays the Warlock. The Knight dismounts to deal with this barbarian, only to find Ian challenging him with his sword. The marines have begun to fire their muskets(yes. I said muskets) at the dragon. The ancient weapons hardly hurt the beast as Rothgar climbs upon the back of the dragon. The battle continues for several minutes, with Ian killing the Knight and Rothgar fighting the dragon to a standstill.
The dragon retreats from the town, stunned that a single human could do so much damage to it. Ian asks that Rothgar join them on the “Pheonix Rising”, because the town of Shadowscape has fallen to the attacking Githyanki forces. They are to take some of the surviving defenders away from the city to safety.
Minutes later he boards the tiny ship. The “Pheonix Rising” is a small vessel with a crew of only 44, including the Captain and Ian. As they clear off the lines, Captain Curtiss “the Cutlass” Scott, takes the wheel and suddenly the ship rises from the water into the air. Looking back, Rothgar can see that a large section of the northern half of the city is aflame.
They arrive in the capital city of Petra in the country of the same name. Petra is a desert country, inhabited by Bedouins, camels and Genies.
Rothgar is trying to find weapons that he lost when he ended up in Ravenloft. After a visit with a outfitter/magic shop, he had an idea for a new type of ranged weapon. The only problem being that no one alive knew the spell neccesary for the weapons. With a map in hand to a ancient tomb, Rothgar and the crew of the “Pheonix Rising” set out for the Lemurian Islands.
A week later Rothgar enters the tomb with Ian and a comrade they found in Petra, Vander “the Sneak”. Only Rothgar exits the tomb alive with both the scroll needed and his dead companions.
Back at the village of Diamondburst, once the capital of the great Lemurian Empire, he has them both ressurected. They then return to Petra. After a month of sitting idle in port, they set “sail” for the closest of the City-States, Rightark.
At Rightark, Capt. Scott sends Rothgar north to act as liason with the Allied Armies. Rothgar ends up in the midst of the first victory the Allies have had to date. Responsible for over two hundred kills, one being the dragon he fought in Shadowscape when he arrived. With the Githyanki routed, the Allies secure their position. By late afternoon, the Allies have two new members to their ranks. Captain Scott and the “Pheonix Rising” and the woman known as the “Witch of Windcham”, Elmira of Windcham and her Planar Raider which stole captured from the Githyanki.
Because of Elmira’s appearance and admitting to the Allied commanders that she still has the crew of the Planar Raider crewing her ship, in a undead state, the Shauskeliak(General in the Elven army), the Lady Mage, Sharada, storms out of the tent and prepares to leave the Allied armies to their fate without the help of her Elves as long as Elmira is with the armies.
This is the state of affairs as of 2011/02/24

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Out of Game: I’m supposed to have two new players tomorrow. By new, I mean new to the game as well as new to my group. I need to get in touch with Dave and find out what time and if they are still coming tomorrow.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

Rothgar and Ian travelled North to try and head off the Lady Mage Sharada, before she and her army stumble into an ambush. They find the elves and convince Elmira to honor her agreement with Lord Deathsbane. The elves set up camp in the forest to await the arrival of the Allied Armies. In the meantime, Rothgar and Ian head East towards the village of Stowfort. There they find that the Githyanki have put the village to the torch. They discover two fellow travellers in the village. The Human Fighter, Kilian and the Elf Rogue/Shadowdancer, Arabella.
Together, these four adventurers track a band of Githyanki North from Stowfort. The Githyanki have a wagon load of human prisoners. They track them to a small hill which has a outpost within. Arabella picks the lock on the main entrance then breaks her pick on the second lock. Ian then steps forward with his Chimes of Opening and defeats the second lock.
Inside, they find the caged wagon but no prisoners or Githyanki. They enter the stables and find two boys(Githyanki slaves acting as stablehands)and one Githyanki Elite. The battle is brief, but decidedly one-sided. They let the boys escape as they continue down a hallway.
The first door they come up on is the door to a barracks. A dozen Githyanki Elite grab weapons and move to the attack. This fight is almost just as brief. Everyone with the exception of Rothgar, was wounded. The party looted 7,200 G.P.s and 12 steel potion vials(containing potion of Cure Light Wounds).
Meanwhile, as the adventurers rampage through the outpost, the Githyanki garrison at Halestrom Fortress, mobilize to crush the Elven army before the Allies can arrive to help them. It looks as if the ambush will proceed after all.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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